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Truck Washing and Tank Cleaning

14.12.2022 | Fleet managers

Truck Wash & Tank Clean Businesses

Access a new pan European portfolio of customers and reduce the administrative hassle

12.10.2022 | Fleet managers

OTRA: the solution for transport companies

Offering safe and secure truck parking areas to your drivers and their cargo has become an increasingly important part of your day to day activities. At OTRA, we know that accurate data, a guaranteed secure spot and centralised invoicing are key contributors to a more efficient operational execution and with our OTRA FLEET MANAGER™ we […]

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31.01.2022 | Fleet managers

Guarantee your stay at Hatvan with OTRA

Taking the newly completed A3 from Oradea to join Hungary’s M4 motorway is a preferred way for trucks going to Ukraine from south-eastern Europe and Black Sea. The newly completed A3 runs from the junction with the Bucharest ring road through Transylvania and north-west Romania, before merging with Hungary’s M4 motorway at the border and […]

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31.01.2022 | Fleet managers

Vidin Danube Parking at the Bulgaria-Romanian border

Avoid losing precious time at the Bulgaria-Romanian border thanks to the new safe and secure parking, Vidin Danube!  

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12.10.2021 | Fleet managers

Addressing Europe’s trucking problems one driver at a time

The issues facing Europe’s transport sector – and indeed the economy as a whole – are numerous and diverse. Addressing them will require solutions at different levels. Yet the key turning point of all these issues remains the drivers, and the conditions they work in. This is where the solution will be made or will […]

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20.09.2021 | Fleet managers

OTRA – The most Promising Start-up Award by Alycho

We are thrilled to announce that OTRA Solution has been awarded as the most Innovative Start-up Award at Alychlo Awards Evening on 16 September 2021.

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30.07.2021 | Fleet managers


Cargo crime is broadly recognized to be the n° 1 problem in Europe’s transport sector, a problem that sucks €8.2 billion out of the economy. According to reports, 75% of all thefts or damage occur at unsecured parking zones, and 78% of drivers consider clear parking information vital for their job performance. Truckstop 26 Bis […]