Park & GO

An automated parking experience, allowing seamless entry and automatic payments for your entire fleet in an the OTRA European Network of safe and secure truck parkings

What is OTRA Park & Go?

Designed for those unexpected moments and unplanned stops, our service offers a seamless parking experience for drivers and fleet managers alike. Whether you're dealing with last-minute changes or simply prefer a more flexible approach to parking, OTRA Park & Go is your solution.

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    Immediate Vehicle Recognition
    When you arrive at any OTRA Park & Go location your vehicle is immediately identified and parking gates open. There's no need for tickets or on-site payments.

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    Cost savings on all stays
    When it’s time to leave, simply drive out. The parking fee is automatically calculated and added to your monthly invoice. Say goodbye to on-site payments and hello to VAT recovery on all your stays

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    Easy Activation
    Start by contacting OTRA Customer Service to activate OTRA Park & Go on your account. This one-time setup unlocks access to all our OTRA Park & Go locations.

Why choose OTRA Park & Go?

  • Flexibility for Spontaneous Plans: Perfect for sudden detours or changes in your schedule.
  • No More On-Site Payment Hassles: Eliminate the need for cash, cards, or queuing at payment machines.
  • Time-Saving and Efficient: With automatic vehicle detection and billing, save precious time and avoid unnecessary stress.
  • Cost savings and VAT Recovery on Every Stay: A significant advantage of Park & Go is the ability to recover VAT on all parking stays, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.

All our OTRA Park & Go Parkings

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