OTRA park & go for truck drivers

The mobile companion to make drivers’ lives on the road easier

A mobile application for guaranteed access and place in truck parkings


Guaranteed access

All you need to do is present your truck at the entrance gate for your plate to be read by the cameras or scan the QR code you received at the moment you made the booking.

OTRA network

Guaranteed booking spaces

The parking space you have booked is free and available at your booked arrival time, with no risk of over-booking or no trace of your booking at the parking premises.


No advance payments

Either you drive as an independant or part of a fleet company, payments are processed automatically. Either on a monthly payment from your credit card, or directly charged to your employer if they work with OTRA.

The otra network

130+ verified safe and secure parkings all over Europe offering the most reliable & professional services

SPAIN (33 parkings)

Algeciras    Alicante    Aranjuez    Argamasilla  de Alba    Barcelona    Cambrils   Chozas  de Arriba    Fraga    Girona    Illescas    Irun    Molina  de Segura    La  Jonquera    Masnou    Nules    Palmones    Peligros    Pont de  Molins    Salamanca    Segovia    Tomelloso    Torrejón  de Ardoz    Valladolid    Villamanciel

GERMANY (17 parkings)

Achern    Himmelkron    Satteldorf    Eichenzell    Hohenwarsleben    Lippetal    Regensburg    Schweitenkirchen    Waldlaubersheim    Herbolzheim    Herbolzheim    Emstek    Wiesentheid    Kehl    Weilerswist    Oranienbaum  -Worllitz  Munich

POLAND (16 parkings)

Klaudyn    Słubice    Wola  Rakowa    Radzyń  Podlaski    BUK    Katowice    Kornik    Raszyn    Mikołow    Szczecin    Lubrza    Skwierzyna    Słąwków    Radule    Woskrzenice    Roszków

FRANCE (11 parkings)

Marck    Chassieu    Paris    Villepinte    Autechaux    Dreux    Labourse    Vendres    Castelnau  d’Estretefonds    Thal  Drulingen

ROMANIA (9 parkings)

Bucarest    Nadlac    Apele  Vii    Nadlac    Brasov   Păuliș    Curtici    Lintesti

NETHERLANDS (5 Parkings)

Echt    Venlo    Emmen    Duiven

HUNGARY (5 Parkings)

Kiskunfelegyhaza    Balastya    Hatvan    Táborfalva    Nagykanizsa

ITALY (4 Parkings)

Verona    Torino    Colleferro  scalo    Monselice

BELGIUM (4 Parkings)

Antwerpen    Heusden-Zolder    Gosselies    Blandain

BULGARIA (4 Parkings)

Novo  delchevo    Sofia    Sofia    Vidin

GREECE (3 Parkings)

Katerini    Thessaloniki    Aspropyrgos


Podivin    Strančice    Sumperk

AUSTRIA (1 Parking)


UK (1 Parking)


Serbia (1 Parking)



4 simple steps to get a guaranteed parking spot

Download the application. Once your account is set up, you'll be able to make bookings directly. You work for a transport company? If they work with OTRA already, you'll be able to book spots on their account.

1. Download the OTRA Park Mobile app

Download and register to OTRA Park in Google Playstore, The Apple App store, or the Huawei App store.The OTRA Park app is available in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Romanian, Polish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Hugarian, & Italian.

2. Consult parking details, prices and pictures

Consult all details you need about the parking : types of trucks accepted, opening hours, services available and pictures of the premises. All parkings have been checked by OTRA experts to ensure accuracy of descriptions provided.

3. Select a duration of stay and check places availability in real-time

OTRA is connected to parkings infrastructure and has a real-time view on available spaces. Bookings made are blocked in the parkings’ system to ensure the place you reserved is available at your arrival

4. Confirm and choose your payment method

Your can either choose to pay via your own means, for later reimbursement by the fleet company you work for, or, if the fleet company you work for is a customer of OTRA you can directly make bookings on their account.


Ready to book?

Download the OTRA Park application on the store of your choice