Discover how OTRA can transform your parking business, offering advanced solutions for maximising occupancy, automating operations, and increasing driver satisfaction, all tailored to your unique needs.


The fastest growing network of integrated parkings

Each day new parking owners connect to OTRA to grow their business from OTRA's increasing customer base altogether reducing parking operation costs thanks to OTRA's integration with their parking infrastructure

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Get quality bookings quickly

Your parking area is automatically listed and advertised to a growing base of european carriers and freight forwarders signing up with OTRA for guaranteed parking spaces,  automated parking access and seamless payments - unique on the market.


Automated parking access and payments, with or without bookings

Our system seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations without the need for expensive upgrades or ticketing solutions. This integration means that trucks linked to OTRA, whether pre-booked or not, are automatically recognised and processed for entry, exit, and payments, without requiring work of on-site staff. Additionally, our real-time booking system draws directly from your parking data, effectively preventing over-booking and ensuring optimal usage of your space. Finally, you gain a comprehensive view of all truck movements in your parking area, offering you complete control and oversight. With OTRA, your grow your business altogether simplifying your daily operations

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Pre-connected to Europe’s leading parking infrastructure providers in Europe

OTRA is already connected to Europe's leading parking infrastructure providers, allowing a rapid connection of your parking to the OTRA Network, without any investments to foresee on your side. You work with other solution providers? We have a robust & low maintenance API that can connect to any other in-house or specific infrastructure your parking uses. And if you are looking into new solutions, OTRA provides a real-time and automated plug & play parking access control system ready to connect to your booms.


Maximizing Your Parking Business thanks to OTRA's unique expertise

OTRA, operating our own parkings in Romania and Hungary, directly understands your challenges. We've honed strategies to grow truck parking revenues and optimise operations: marketing effectively to carriers, streamlining bookings and access, enhancing driver satisfaction, and boosting space occupancy and revenue. Our firsthand experience is your asset in achieving parking business success.

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You only believe in numbers?
Check OTRA's customers savings in 2023 📈

At OTRA we measure satisfaction also in terms of immediate savings for our customers. ROI is key.
Thanks to the European VAT recovery system we have in place as well as our capabilities to allow drivers and dispatchers to plan ahead their paid parking stays, savings in terms of VAT, kilometres driven and time spent on the road is immediate. 


Euros in VAT


Driving hours


Euros in fuel

A partnership adapted to your needs

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OTRA integration

An connection between the OTRA platforms and your parking access management to receive OTRA transport company bookings and spontaneous arrivals
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  • Parking listing on the network
    OTRA customers bookings
    OTRA customers spontaneous arrivals
  • OTRA customers payment management
  • OTRA customers automated access control
    OTRA customers arrivals/departures reporting
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Partner network

You own a network of parkings and would like to open up and partner with OTRA
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  • A custom integration with your systems
  • Robust & low maintenance API to connect your parking network
  • Dynamic parking updates, bookings and pricing information
  • Strategic win-win partnership to grow your business

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