Additional income from your unoccupied parking spaces

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Your depot parking is hiding unlocked profits

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My parking is equipped with gates, accessible showers and toilets

OTRA secures the access to only authorised users with a valid reservation to the depots.

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My parking easily accessible from the motorway & has free space

OTRA makes it instantly visible and bookable to its trusted network of carriers.

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I want to monetize my unused
parking spaces

OTRA rents only unused spaces, leaving priority to your trucks altogether ensuring maximal occupancy.


How does it work?

1. Order & connect an OTRA Box

Order and connect the OTRA box & cameras to your parking premises’ gates

2. Activation OTRA Parking manager

Activate the OTRA Parking Management platform, setup sellable spots, rental prices & authorised accesses for your home fleet

3. Control & manage

Control in real-time bookings, as well as guest and home fleet entries and exits

4. Receive a monthly invoice

Collect your booking earnings directly from OTRA, monthly

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OTRA for depot parkings

Top 3 questions

Can anyone enter my parking?

The OTRA box & parking management platform only give access to home fleet truck plates registered in the system and trucks for which a booking was made by one of our trusted carriers. Trucks without any valid booking or which plate isn’t registered in the parking management system will be denied access to the parking.

How are booking payments processed?

OTRA takes care of collecting payments of the bookings made by the trusted carriers, yiu do not have to process payments or collect money of any kind from the guest truckers. You will simply receive your monthly earnings from a direct payment from OTRA, based on the bookings that were made on your parking lot

Will my home fleet always have the space needed?

Thanks to the OTRA Parking management platform, you can easily update per day or time of the day the available parking spots for rental, ensuring your home fleet is undisturbed.


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