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Experience smart trucking with guaranteed access and automated payments throughout Europe

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140+ verified truck parkings and road services accessible seamlessly


Automated access & payments

The OTRA solution is integrated with road services providers’ infrastructure allowing automated access for trucks without any on-site payments required.

guaranteed parking spots
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Over 140 safe and secure parkings, truck washing, and tank cleaning providers all over Europe offering the most reliable & professional services selected by our team of experts are connected to the OTRA solutions

flexibility and control
Guaranteed access and spots

Thanks to integration of OTRA solutions with the infrastructure of the network partners, OTRA customers can seamlessly access & exit the network of parkings without on site payments - and if needed, pre-book spaces that will be guaranteed.


A driver mobile application and carrier web application connected to road service providers & truck parkings

Real-time availabilities, accesses and payments of parkings and road services

Drivers and planners directly have a view on parkings & road services features and real-time availabilities. To secure a place before arrival, bookings can be made directly by drivers, or planners on their behalf. All paid services consumed or booked on the OTRA network are consolidated in one view to control your paid services usage & payments are processed in one single invoice, allowing VAT recovery. 

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Real-time view on amenities, services, safety and availabilities
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Automated access to truck parkings
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Guaranteed parking spots and road services
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Controlled view on consumption of paid road services
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No more cash payments by drivers
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Consolidated payment in one invoice (with VAT recovery) or credit card for independant drivers
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Driver satisfaction is significantly higher
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Here’s what drivers say after experiencing OTRA smart trucking
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"I'm a Portuguese truck driver residing in England. Finding a safe place for my truck and trailer can be difficult. But thanks to OTRA, I can rest easy and enjoy time with my family knowing the tools of my livelihood are parked safe and sound"

Ricardo Sousa
Useless driving time in average per day that can be saved with OTRA
OTRA FOR parking owners

A solution directly integrated with parkings' access control systems & infrastructure

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