Automated truck parking solutions

Smart truck parking experience in Europe:
Real-time parking availabilities, automated access and payments with or without booking, and entries/exits monitoring


An integrated network of 170+ truck parkings in Europe

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Automated access

With or without bookings, OTRA Transport company customers are recognised at truck parking entrance gates and given automated access

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Real-time control

OTRA's integration with parkings infrastructures gives real-time visibility on parking occupation, guaranteed spaces when booking and fleet entries/exits monitoring

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Cost savings

Every stay is billed through a single monthly invoice, enabling VAT recovery. This saving is added up to driving time and fuel  savings coming from bookings

The truck parking locations


A partner to grow your business

Connected to your systems

Bookings and access control is automated with no manual work

A growing customer base

Over 200 transport companies and 24.000 registered plates using OTRA

Plug & play solutions

Hardware kits provided for parkings without systems in place

Guaranteed payments

All parking stay payments from transport companies are collected by OTRA for you

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