Milestone Alert: OTRA Celebrates 200 Road Service Locations Across Europe!

In just under three years since we launched our very first truck parking, OTRA has achieved a monumental milestone that speaks volumes about our dedication, growth, and the trust the logistics and transportation industry has in us. Today, we proudly announce that we have expanded our network to 200 road service locations spanning 17 countries across Europe!

As we celebrate our expansion to 200 road service locations, it's essential to highlight the innovative strides OTRA has made in the logistics and transportation industry. Our journey has been marked by significant achievements that set us apart as a trailblazer in the sector:

Leading Integrator:

OTRA proudly stands as the leading integrator in the industry, with over 9 major parking & access management systems seamlessly integrated into our network as well as its own parking management kit (OTRA Box) to rapidly equip & launch parkings wanting to join the network. This achievement not only showcases our technological prowess but also our commitment to providing diverse and accessible services.

Guaranteed Parking Spaces:

We are the first provider to guarantee real parking spaces, thanks to our advanced integration capabilities. This guarantee has revolutionized how drivers plan their routes, ensuring they have a secure spot waiting for them, thus significantly reducing stress and inefficiency on the road. Parking spaces are guaranteed in over 175+ truck parking locations in 17 countries

Innovative OTRA Park & Go:

Our OTRA Park & Go service is a game-changer for spontaneous arrivals, also now payable by invoice with VAT recovery. It demonstrates our understanding of the fleets and drivers' needs and our ability to innovate in response. This service is a testament to our commitment to convenience, safety, and efficiency, making us a preferred choice among drivers and logistics companies alike.

OTRA is not just growing in numbers; we are setting new standards and pushing boundaries in the industry. Our achievements in integration, guaranteeing parking spaces, and creating innovative solutions like OTRA Park & Go are evidence of our mission to shake the market and continuously offer better, more reliable services.
Although the road ahead remains challenging, we are eager to continue our journey, bringing more innovations and expansions to our network. To our team, partners, and the entire community, thank you for being a part of this remarkable journey. Let's keep the wheels moving and the innovations coming!
Here's to more milestones, more innovations, and continued success in revolutionizing the way we think about road transport and parking solutions. 🌟🚚

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