OTRA Park & Go: Effortless, Unplanned Parking Access opening up to new locations

Hauling across Europe just got easier with OTRA! Dive into the simplicity and convenience of our expanded network of OTRA Park & Go locations, now more accessible than ever.

OTRA Park & Go is all about simplicity and spontaneity:

In today's fast-paced world, plans can change in an instant, and flexibility is more important than ever. That’s why we’ created OTRA Park & Go - a service that allows our fleet customers to be identified instantly and the gates, excited to expand our OTRA Park & Go locations - so you have more options for those times when life is unpredictable, and you need parking, pronto.

New Locations, Same Seamless Experience

We've rolled out OTRA Park & Go on several of our locations across Europe, ensuring that no matter where your travels take your fleet, a convenient parking spot is always nearby. With OTRA Park & Go enabled, upon arrival at the location, your fleet is immediately identified, and parking charges are seamlessly added to your monthly invoice – without any pre-booking made and no on-site payment or tickets required.

  • Activate Easily: Contact OTRA Customer Service to activate Park & Go on your account.
  • Find parking with spaces: Check the OTRA Fleet Platform or use the OTRA Mobile app to check parking real-time availability
  • Drive In: Just pull up to any participating location.
  • Automatic Identification: your vehicle is identified
  • Drive Out: No payment hassle on-site. Charges go straight to your invoice and you recover VAT.

New OTRA Park & Go Locations

> Check all our OTRA Park & Go locations here, the list keeps on growing!

Why Choose OTRA Park & Go?

  • Flexibility: Perfect for sudden plans or changes.
  • Time and cost saving: Skip the payment lines and paperwork.
  • Efficiency: Save time with automatic vehicle detection.
  • Business optimisation: Recover VAT from all your parking stays

> Learn more about OTRA Park & Go here

Getting Started with OTRA Park & Go

Ready for hassle-free parking? Contact OTRA Customer Service today to activate Park & Go and make the most of our growing network!

Life's unpredictable, but with OTRA Park & Go, finding a parking spot is always easy and convenient. Embrace the spontaneity!

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