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An automated parking experience that simplifies logistics, enhances security, and drives down operational costs.

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Maximise efficiency and savings, minimise risk


170+ verified truck parkings along Europe's main corridors

With OTRA, your drivers can seamlessly enter any of our 170+ locations across 17 European countries. Each location has been verified by our experts to ensure maximal accuracy of locations' security, services and comfort, for you to be able to choose a location relevant to your needs.

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Real-time view on availabilities, arrivals/departures tracing, automatic access

OTRA is integrated with the parking's infrastructure allowing real-time view on availabilities and automated access to locations - with or without bookings. Truck entries and exits are monitored, allowing a real-time view on your cargo whereabouts. At each moment you can tell, if the truck is safely parked in the area chosen.  

OTRA for depot parkings


VAT savings on all your parking stays, with or without booking

All stays, may they be pre-booked or not, are consolidated in one monthly invoice, allowing VAT recovery. With the additional benefit that pre-booking saves driving time and fuel costs​.

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Spontaneous arrivals

Just pull up to any OTRA Park & Go location: our system immediately identifies your fleet trucks for access. When it’s time to hit the road again, just drive out. The parking fee is automatically added to your monthly invoice with immediate savings from VAT recovery. No need to deal with on-site payments or paperwork.

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Planned ahead bookings

OTRA bookings is designed for drivers and dispatchers who prefer to plan ahead for guarenteed spaces & willing to save on driving time and fuel consumption. By reducing the time spent searching for parking spaces, pre-bookings allow carriers to focus on what matters most - safe and timely deliveries with less detour mileage.

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OTRA LongStay is a dedicated service offered to all OTRA clients providing long-term parking solutions for trucks and trailers. Whether you need a spot on OTRA’s network of parkings or assistance in arranging a long-term stay at a new location, the OTRA team of experts have got you covered.

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Usage Flexibility and control

All OTRA services are available to planners and drivers via our own platforms or integrated directly through APIs in your own systems and tools for maximal productivity and efficiency.

  • OTRA Fleet Platform for dispatchers
    A robust platform for dispatchers offering accurate parking information, real-time space availability data, advanced booking capabilities and truck arrivals./departures reporting.

  • Mobile Application for drivers
    Carriers can activate the OTRA Park mobile app allowing drivers to book their stay in the network. All stays booked by drivers are visible on the Fleet Platform for dispatchers ensuring maximal control and visibility on drivers' plans.

  • APIs for TMS integration
    OTRA provides robust and secure APIs to its to customers' to seamlessly incorporate OTRA functionalities into your own transport management systems for enhanced day to day work

You only believe in numbers?
Check OTRA's customers savings in 2023 📈

At OTRA we measure satisfaction also in terms of immediate savings for our customers. ROI is key.
Thanks to the European VAT recovery system we have in place as well as our capabilities to allow drivers and dispatchers to plan ahead their paid parking stays, savings in terms of VAT, kilometres driven and time spent on the road is immediate. 


Euros in VAT


Driving hours


Euros in fuel

Whenever it is approaching holiday time and you are away from home with no reload to get you there and your boss says that you can fly home or get a lift if you can find somewhere safe to leave your truck and trailer then it is imperative that your vehicle is parked safe with peace of mind that it won’t get damaged or even worse stolen. OTRA has a brilliant app that allows you to find a nearest truckstop that is secure and will allow you to do this, so get onto the app and start planning now. It’s a must from me.
John Williams
HGV Driver at Howell Transport, UK

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