OTRA now integrated with Triton Parking Management Systems: Transforming Truck Parking in Central Europe

This integration marks a significant advancement in parking solutions, blending OTRA's innovative booking platform with the robust operational capabilities of Triton's parking management. This integration will not only enhance the parking experience for drivers and parking owners across Central Europe but will also soon operate OTRA's "Park & Go" service.

The OTRA and Triton Synergy

OTRA Solutions, known for their innovation in truck parking management, has been at the forefront of transforming the truck parking landscape since its launch in 2020. Triton, since its establishment in 1992, has been developing and manufacturing parking and access systems in order to satisfy the most demanding requirements of their customers and partners, among which OTRA. This additional integration for OTRA aligns their expertise and shared vision, opening doors to increased possibilities and efficiencies in truck parking.

Truck Parking with OTRA and Triton

Through this collaboration, parking spaces managed by Triton (Triton Systems) become easily bookable via the OTRA platform (OTRA), offering a seamless and stress-free parking experience for drivers and streamlined operations for parking owners.

Live Experience at Key Locations

This collaboration is in action at four key parking locations:

  1. Hatvan Kamionparkoló (GPS: 47.6667° N, 19.6667° E) - Located off the M3 highway, eastbound direction. More Info
  2. Truck Parking Area Kiskunfélegyháza (GPS: 46.7126° N, 19.8567° E) - Accessible from the M5 highway, southbound. More Info
  3. Xenis Logistic (GPS: 46.3575° N, 20.7220° E) - Situated near the M5 highway, northbound. More Info
  4. Truck Parking Area Curtici (GPS: 46.3525° N, 21.3233° E) - Located on the border with Hungary, ideal for cross-border traffic. More Info

These locations represent the forefront of OTRA and Triton's joint efforts, demonstrating the practical benefits and enhanced efficiency brought by the OTRA-Triton integration.

Isabel Corne, Co-founder of OTRA says: “OTRA is very happy to partner up with the very experienced and reliable infrastructure supplier Triton.  Thanks to Triton’s strong presence in central Europe this partnership is a key attribute to help OTRA realizing its pan European ambition."

Lurette Hillova, commercial manager of Triton says: "Partnering with Otra aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering innovative solutions in parking and access systems. This collaboration signifies our dedication to advancing the industry and providing tangible benefits to our partners and customers. "

Upcoming: OTRA Park & Go

Looking ahead, this partnership will soon include support for OTRA's innovative "Park & Go" service. OTRA Park & Go is designed to streamline the parking process further, allowing for even quicker and more convenient access to parking spaces without pre-bookings. Trucks of OTRA customers are immediately recognized at Parking gates, and can simply enter, without the hassle of traditional check-in procedures. Their stay will be later charged via invoiced, allowing VAT recovery on all stays, with or without invoices. Learn more about OTRA Park & Go here.


The integration between OTRA Solutions and Triton Systems signifies a new smart experience in the realm of truck parking. As OTRA solidifies its position as a leading integrator, the potential for an improved trucking experience through efficient parking solutions grows. This collaboration is a testament to the commitment of both companies to elevate industry standards, offering transport companies and drivers a more convenient and secure truck parking experience across Europe.

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