3 more truck parkings in Spain

Accounting for 95,2% of all cargo shipments, road transport keeps dominating Spain. Consequently, Safe & Secure parking areas accommodating a safe haven for both domestic and international trucks remain an absolute challenge.

Fleet managers and drivers will be pleased to know that three more locations are now bookable thanks to OTRA.

Professional services in central Spain

  • Alcazar Estacionamientos Madrid now guarantees your parking spaces if booked via OTRA Fleet Manager™. Equipped with barriers & fences, spots offering electrical supply and the cozy on-site restaurant will offer your drivers peace of mind.

  • South of Madrid in the Tomelloso area, Parking Pentagono, provides truck wash services in addition to secure parking. The gas station at just 500 meters, comes as an extra convenience.

  • Connecting Spain and northern Europe, Camiones Bellvitge Barcelona with 150 parking spots, has been very popular over the last 20 years thanks to its exceptional geolocation on the Southern ring of Barcelona.

We now have ten bookable parking sites in six countries and continue to expand across Europe. If there is a location in which you would like to see safe and secure parking, please share it with our local advisor at sales@weareotra.com. We are happy to build our network based on your needs.

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