New parking on the Bulgarian-Romanian border

Avoid losing precious time at the Bulgaria-Romanian border thanks to the new safe and secure parking, Vidin Danube!

Vidin Danube Logistic Park, new parking at OTRA network, located at Vidin right next to the Bulgaria-Romania checkpoint, now allows drivers to avoid long queues at the border. The close walking distance of the parking to customs provides the convenience drivers need.

It’s well known that long traffic queues at border crossing points cause driver fatigue and therefore lower productivity for fleets. The Vidin-Calafat crossing is one of them.

Bulgaria lies strategically on the Orient – East-Med Corridor that connects central Europe to the North, Baltic, Black and Mediterranean seas. One issue about crossing Bulgaria is that there are still long road sections without any suitable parking facilities for truckers.

Examining border crossing points in the core TEN-T network, the EU assessed the impact of congestion. The average waiting time is 282 minutes at the Vidin – Calafat crossing.

Avoiding long queues at Vidin

As drivers can book a guaranteed spot at Vidin Danube Logistic Park thanks to OTRA Fleet Manager™, they benefit from more driving time while saving in fuel and preventing driver fatigue.

OTRA with its safe and secure parking network provides a solid footprint in Europe for fleets. If you want to maximize your fleet efficiency while keeping your drivers and cargo safe, contact us at Our local advisor will answer your questions and give you a demo.

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