OTRA Founders build a ground-up safe and secure truck parking in Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary: A Unique Vision Realized

For years, Isabel Corne and Sven Bols, the founders of OTRA, have diligently addressed a pressing concern: over 100,000 parking spaces in Europe go missing every day, leaving truck drivers grappling daily with the challenge of securing safe spots when taking a break. Since 2020, they have embarked on the mission of creating the OTRA Smart truck parking network. This innovative platform allows carriers and drivers to effortlessly access and pre-book truck parking spaces in verified safe and secure locations strategically positioned along Europe's main driving corridors. Now, they've elevated their commitment by constructing their very own truck parking facility in Hungary.


Turning Vision into Reality: OTRA's Founders Build a Truck Parking Facility from Scratch


The unveiling of the Truck Parking Area in Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary, stands as a remarkable achievement for OTRA. Unlike integrations of existing parkings to the OTRA truck parking network or renovations of existing facilities, this endeavour was an ambitious project built from the ground up. It transformed barren land into a fully operational, gold-level security truck parking space that is now accessible and bookable.


OTRA's Unique Journey from Concept to Completion


By overseeing this visionary project from inception to realisation, Isabel Corne and Sven Bols have applied their experience and insights to every aspect of parking management. From the initial design and construction phases to the implementation of stringent security measures and optimisation of operational efficiency, their dedication has been unwavering.

The development of this facility wasn't without its challenges. They weathered economic challenges, international economic fluctuations, and inflation affecting construction costs. Nonetheless, thanks to the steadfast dedication and resilience of their team, this parking is now operational and accessible to the trucking community.

Setting a New Standard: OTRA's Dedication to Elevating Truck Parking Standards


This recently established parking facility not only offers additional safe and secure resting areas for truck drivers in the region but also stands as a testament to OTRA’s founders' vision for enhancing truck parking services and management. It seamlessly aligns with OTRA's mission to set a higher standard for truck parking access and comfort throughout Europe.

With a pronounced focus on safety, security, and driver well-being, the Truck Parking Area in Kiskunfélegyháza is dedicated to ensuring guaranteed access and safety for all truck drivers. This commitment is realised through various means, including a gold-level security standard, ANPR access control, as well as the convenience of pre-booking options facilitated by its integration into the OTRA Smart truck parking network. This ensures a seamless experience for drivers while empowering carriers to monitor their trucks' real-time arrivals and departures, significantly enhancing safety and control.

On-site, a host of amenities awaits, including restrooms, showers,Wi-Fi connectivity, recreational facilities designed for driver comfort, round-the-clock snack options, and convenient access to nearby hotels and laundry services. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of a truck driver's needs is met while redefining the standards for truck parking in Europe.

Looking Ahead: OTRA's Pioneering Role in the Future of Truck Parking


As OTRA solidifies its position as the leading integrated network of truck parking facilities in Europe, the Truck Parking Area in Kiskunfélegyháza exemplifies the founders' dedication and unwavering commitment to improve Europe's truck parking access landscape. Their goal is not only to make truck parking spaces guaranteed and accessible but also to increase the number of secured resting spaces available daily in Europe.


Armed with firsthand experience in building a parking facility from the ground up, OTRA aims to establish new industry benchmarks and offer unparalleled truck parking solutions for drivers across the European continent.


The launch of the Truck Parking Area in Kiskunfélegyháza not only enhances OTRA's credibility but also underscores their readiness to make significant contributions to the evolution of the truck parking industry inEurope.


Stay tuned for further innovations from OTRA as they continue to shape the future of truck parking. 😊


Learn more about the launch of the Truck Parking Area in Kiskunfélegyháza: https://felegyhazikozlony.eu/hirek/28663/170-biztonsagos-es-komfortos-kamion-parkolohely-letesult-felegyhaza-hataraban

Introducing Truck Parking Area Kiskunfélegyháza


Location: M5 highway, exit 114, heading towards Budapest.

Close to Kiskunfélegyháza, south of Budapest.

GPS coordinates: 46.4049, 19.493.

Features: ANPR access control, electric truck vehicle support, modern facilities including toilets, showers, and Wi-Fi, driver leisure amenities, 24/7 snack options, on-site or nearby hotels, and laundry services.

Capacity: 170 spaces, gold level security parking.

Opening for bookings soon.

Photo credits: Fantoly Márton  

For more information on the launch of Truck Parking Area Kiskunfélegyház: https://felegyhazikozlony.eu/hirek/28663/170-biztonsagos-es-komfortos-kamion-parkolohely-letesult-felegyhaza-hataraban

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