The European Commission adopts EU standards for safe and secure parking areas

The European Move Pack concerning safe and secure parking areas is now anchored in European law, therefore it doesn´t represent only an industry standard anymore.

The standards are based on four levels of security (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum), a common level of service and certification procedures, and build on the work of the 2019 Commission study on SSTPAs.

These standards enable fleet planners to choose the level of security that they need according to the goods they are carrying.

To learn more about the details, read here.

OTRA is already following these directives and our security definitions of the parkings in our network are in line with these standards.

What does it mean for OTRA clients?

  • The transport companies benefit from enhanced security and safety of their cargo and drivers in line with the European law, real-time information, and guaranteed bookings through the OTRA Fleet Manager™ platform.

  • Meanwhile, the parking operators have close guidance from OTRA in order to get aligned with the standards, we help them upgrade and meet the standards by providing tailored solutions and bringing them into our network to increase their occupancy rate and revenue.

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