Europe’s drivers face increasing pressure from the Ukraine-Russia crisis

The increased chaos created by the war in Ukraine is underlining the need for safety for European truck drivers

The increased chaos created by the war in Ukraine is underlining the need for safety for European truck drivers

[Brussels – date] The effect of the Russian invasion of Ukraine was devastating. It’s becoming increasingly clear is that there are going to be profound effects on Europe as a whole.

Ukraine plays a major role in the European supply chains for two main reasons. On the one hand, it is a large country with well-developed industries deeply integrated into the economies of Poland, Germany, and beyond. Interrupting production in Ukraine will have a knock-on effect in Europe.

On the other, Ukrainian drivers are vital to keeping everything running. In Germany alone, there are some 100,000 Ukrainian drivers. Many are returning to protect their homes, leaving a sector that was already short-staffed with further problems. The truck drivers that are still on European roads are facing multiple new challenges.

“From our contacts with drivers and freight companies, we are hearing of more cases of fuel theft from unattended vehicles,” says Sven Bols, CEO of OTRA. Previously, cargo was the main target for thieves. As fuel prices increase so do the number of fuel thefts.

The critical importance of road freight and its drivers

OTRA provides the industry solutions that enable drivers or freight companies to find guaranteed, secure parking lots at night. It has therefore a front-line view of conditions for drivers.

“Two things really strike me about this unfolding crisis,” says Sven Bols. “Once again, we are reminded just how important road freight is for our industries and indeed society as a whole. It also highlights the key role played by Europe’s drivers, deserving peace of mind & support while facing increasing challenges on the road. It is vital that society addresses their main concerns.”

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Based in one of Europe’s transport hubs in Belgium, OTRA Solutions brings a complete, secure, and easy-to-use answer to these issues. The integrated tool offers:

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OTRA understands the complexity of changing regulations and the diverse needs of drivers, carriers, and parking owners or managers. Its in-depth expertise in transportation, technology, marketing, and business development focuses purely on bringing safety and convenience to the entire industry.

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