OTRA's British Invasion: 9 New Truck Parkings Added Across the UK!

Welcome to OTRA's latest adventure, a "UK Invasion" that's sure to rev up your spirits! As we continue our journey to revolutionise the logistics and transportation landscape, we are thrilled to announce an exciting expansion across the United Kingdom. This isn't just any expansion; it's the addition of *nine* well located parking facilities, strategically chosen to ease the journey of our fleet planners and drivers.

1. A1 Pearl Truck Stop (silver level parking)

  • Location: Near A1, close to Sheffield
  • Facilities: 24/7 security, CCTV, dining area with top-notch food and service, including a free meal, wash/shower rooms.
  • Special Notes: Refrigerated truck-friendly, ADR and LHV pre-booking available.
  • Strategic Importance: The A1 is a key route, vital for connecting transport hubs, including rail networks and airports.

2. Woodville Pearl Truck Stop (silver level parking)

  • Location: Woodville
  • Facilities: Full fencing with 24/7 security, laundry, truck wash, maintenance, hotel nearby.
  • Special Notes: Refrigerated truck parking, ADR and LHV pre-booking available.
  • Nearby Transport Hub: Central to the Midlands' transport links.

3. Tipton Pearl Truck Stop (silver level parking)

  • Location: Tipton
  • Facilities: Guarded fencing with CCTV, essential driver amenities, truck wash.
  • Special Notes: Refrigerated truck parking, ADR and LHV pre-booking available.
  • Nearby Transport Hub: Close to railway lines and the Port of Birmingham.

4. Darlington Pearl Truck Stop (silver level parking)

  • Location: North of UK, close to A1
  • Facilities: Secure parking with 24/7 CCTV and security personnel.
  • Special Notes: Refrigerated truck parking, ADR and LHV pre-booking available.
  • Nearby Transport Hub: Access to Northern England's transport facilities, including Newcastle International Airport.

5. ADS Truck Stop (bronze level parking)

  • Location: Stoke-On-Trent, A50
  • Facilities: Bronze level parking with 24/7 CCTV, meal voucher included.
  • Special Notes: ADR and LHV pre-booking available.
  • Nearby Transport Hub: Vital connectivity to the Stoke area's transport infrastructure.

6. Bardon Truck Park

  • Location: Off M11 at junction 22
  • Facilities: 12 CCTV cameras, 24h security, dedicated refrigerated truck area, free showers, Wi-Fi, on-site dining, and essential services.
  • Special Notes: Provides specialized parking for refrigerated trucks and essential amenities.
  • Nearby Transport Hub: Situated near Leicester, with close links to the M1, facilitating access to the heart of the Midlands.

7. Newcott Fish & Chips

  • Location: Off A41 in Market Drayton
  • Facilities: Site lighting, CCTV, showers, free Wi-Fi, overnight parking.
  • Special Notes: A charming spot with a reputable fish and chip shop, offering basic amenities including newly installed showers.
  • Nearby Transport Hub: Located on the A41, providing a route between Liverpool, the Midlands, and the South.

8. Let's Eat Café Truck Stop

  • Location: On M56, southwest of Manchester, close to Warrington
  • Facilities: Limited to 10 parking spaces, a welcoming cafe, friendly staff.
  • Special Notes: A cozy, secure stopover highly recommended for truckers to rest overnight.
  • Nearby Transport Hub: Close to Warrington Bank Quay Railway Station and Manchester Airport, offering convenience for regional and international connectivity.

9. Tovizi Trans Lorry park (silver level parking)

  • Location: Near Dartford, east of London, close to the A2
  • Facilities: 24/7 security Guard, 12 CCTV, fenced with overnight lighting. on-site restaurant/café open from 7AM to 11PM.
  • Refrigerated trucks accepted
  • Special Notes: A meal voucher is included in the parking fee, and a Laundry room will soon be available
  • Nearby Transport Hub: Proximity to Dartford Railway Station and London City Airport, with easy access to the A2 for quick transit to and from London.

As we establish these new stops, we're not just offering a place to park; we're creating nodes of connectivity along the A1 and surrounding areas, vital for any logistics operation. Whether it's reaching major ports, bustling airports, or key railway stations, OTRA's expansion is about keeping Britain moving as smoothly and securely as possible.

We're proud to be your new neighbours and look forward to making every journey with OTRA a right royal experience!

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