OTRA expanding its network to Hungary & Romania

Truck drivers in Hungary and Romania will be able to count on a new network of connected secure and safe parking spaces with spots guaranteed by OTRA from 2022

The recently announced Bivak Kft. Parking Project will provide a total of 170 places for truck drivers in Kiskunfélegyháza in Hungary.

Bivak Kft. Parking Project is part of a Consortium has been created to realise this cross-border project. It consists of Bivak Kft. and SC Trade Trans Com S.R.L. as well as General Operation Building KFT.

Bivak Kft. is the coordinator of the three Hungarian SSTPA’. SC Trade Trans Com S.R.L. manages the Romanian leg of the project and acts as the Coordinator towards the European Commission for the totality of the project.

The other parkings under the same Consortium are at Curtici (Romania), Nagykanizsa (HU), and in Hatvan (HU), all on the main motorways.

OTRA -as the solution partner- offers real-time availability, accurate pricing, and facility features to enable fleet companies and drivers to find safe resting places based on their needs through 2 new and 2 updated sites with a total of 480 parking spots for truck drivers

The project will have a positive knock-on effect on road safety, local job creation, self-sufficiency through sustainable energy production, and crime reduction. These effects will not only be felt at a regional and national level but will also affect Hungary and Romania’s neighboring countries. As the car parks are interconnected digitally, their static and dynamic data will be available to the Hungarian and Romanian governments as well as to the National Contact Points.

The network is part of the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) project under the title ‘Creating a network of connected safe and secure parking areas in Hungary and Romania (SecureNetwork)’. It meets the ever-increasing needs of freight transport in the region, including facilities that provide adequate safety and service standards for heavy truck drivers. The new parkings will contribute to the creation of conditions for safe and smooth freight transport throughout the region: along the Rhine-Danube, East / East-Central, and Mediterranean TEN-T corridors.

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