Southeast of Calais


Truck parking TWV is a truck stop in the Southeast of Calais near Labourse along A26 motorway in Exit 6.1 proposing 180 truck parking spots and offering many services for trucks, drivers, security features, ..
Exit 6.1
Parking spots
Tank station nearby
Truck wash on site
Refrigerated trucks allowed
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Security services

  • Entry & exit barriers with under & over climbing protection
  • > 1.8m fences
  • Lighting
  • CCTV
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Guards 24/7

Cargo acceptance & booking

  • Running refrigerated trucks accepted

Truck services

  • Fuel station on site / nearby
  • Truck repair on site / nearby
  • Truck wash on site / nearby
  • Snow / ice removal facilities

Driver services

  • Toilets/Showers
  • Meal discount included in the parking fare
  • Bicycles available for drivers
  • Hotel on site / nearby
  • Laundry on site / nearby
  • Leisure facilities for drivers
  • Restaurant on site
  • Shop on site
  • Bar on site
  • WIFI
  • Medical assistance nearby

Address & coordinates

What are the address, phone number and GPS coordinates of TWV in Southeast of Calais next to Labourse Exit 6.1 along the motorway A26?

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