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Manage and view your fleet parking bookings and costs with real-time data

Keep your driver and cargo safe

Real-time reporting

VAT recovery of bookings in multi countries

Save time on admin

Better fleet control with real time visibility

Get instant access to your fleet transactions while keeping costs under control with OTRA Fleet Manager™. Knowing your people and cargo are safe and secure enables you to focus on your core business and ultimately, increase your competitiveness and build better customer relations.

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31.03.2022 | News


Shortages and fuel theft: Europe’s drivers face increasing pressure from the Ukraine-Russia crisis The increased chaos created by the war in Ukraine is underlining the need for safety for European truck drivers [Brussels – date] The effect of the Russian invasion of Ukraine was devastating. It’s becoming increasingly clear is that there are going to […]

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01.03.2022 | News

Fleet managers will see security level definitions in OTRA Fleet Manager™ platform

Up to 78% of the drivers state they want accurate information on the location, the facilities, and the availability of a parking spot. On top of this, fleet companies and their dispatcher consider the Security level of the parking area of utmost importance. Our parking search engine, the OTRA Fleet Manager™ platform, has security level […]

Keep your drivers and cargo safe

The OTRA Park™ for drivers mitigates the risk of exceeding driving time and reduces accidents associated with searching for a truck parking spot every night. It keeps your cargo safe by finding guaranteed with various security features.

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Maximize efficiency and convenience

Real-time, accurate and easy-to-access information along with simple booking and easy payment improve your planning and day-to-day operations. OTRA provides you one consolidated VAT invoice that offers a helicopter view on all transactions, including subcontractors. What is more, your drivers get the convenience they need with different booking features such as ADR, power supply, and other amenities.

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Generate insights and make smart decisions

Getting insights from pre-booking data and real-time usage gives you more control over your costs and budget. This allows you to anticipate future needs and trends.

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Foster customer satisfaction

Delight your customers through better business performance and service that will enhance your competitiveness.

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Does your fleet need a specific parking solution?

We are problem solvers. We connect drivers, parking areas and transportation companies real time that secures safe resting time for drivers. Contact us and let us figure out how to make your life easier

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