SecureNetwork: A Bridge to Safer Roads in Hungary and Romania & Romania

Strengthening Transportation, Enhancing Security

Coordinated by Trade Trans, SecureNetwork (2019-EU-TMC-0323-W) is an EU co-funded project, under CEF programme which aims to enhance road transport safety and security along the Romania – Hungary – Western Europe route. The project will build and develop a new safe and secure parking area in Hungary and Romania, plus upgrade two already existing parking areas in Hungary. The four SSTPAs will be enabled to connect to the respective National Access Points in line with the requirements of the Delegated Regulation 885/2013 and the Application Programme Interface (API) design guidelines as presented in the MOVE/C1/2017-500 study of the EU-Parking standard, and the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2022/1012, supplementing Regulation (EC) No 561/2006 on the new EU standards for SSTPA.

To deliver on the overall objective, the project covers:

  • The construction of one new gold level standard SSTPA with 170 parking spaces at Kiskunfelegyhaza on the Hungarian motorway M5;
  • The construction of one new gold level standard SSTPA with 180 parking spaces at Curtici in the proximity of the Romanian motorway E 671;
  • The upgrading of one existing SSTPA at Nagykanizsa on the Hungarian motorway M7. The parking area will be extended from the current 25 parking spaces for HGVs to 35 parking spaces at silver level standard, and
  • The upgrading of one existing SSTPA at Hatvan on the Hungarian motorway M3. The parking area will be extended from the current 60 parking spaces for HGVs to 80 parking spaces at silver level standard.

These newly constructed or upgraded SSTPAs are expected to offer a total of 11,000 parking places by 2026.

Project progress timeline


September 28th 2023, opening event of Curtici

Special guests included Bogdan Ban, Mayor of Curtici, and Frédéric Maas Maas from the European Secure Parking Organisation (ESPORG vzw). They emphasized how vital this project is for the city and its community, especially for the truck drivers who rely on it daily.Barbara Adamczyk, Policy Officer at CINEA - European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency, joined via Teams to highlight the EU's crucial role in advancing this initiative and how it aligns with the EU's broader goals.


Opening event of Kiskunfélegyháza

The grand opening took place on September 19th, making it a day to remember! The event marked the successful conclusion of the projects in Hatvan and Nagykanizsa.

See the Parking construction timelapse

Hatvan is done and dusted


Kiskunfélegyháza: the construction phase is reaching its final stages!


SSTPA Curtici is close to completion

The construction project is rapidly approaching completion, and we are thrilled to share the remarkable progress made during this journey.