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A platform connected to your parking infrastructure

The 24.000+ truck plates registered on the OTRA booking platforms are connected to your parking management system in real-time. When using OTRA, carriers and drivers view immediately how many parking spaces are available, and entries and bookings are logged automatically in your system. This allows automated processing of truck arrivals, truck departures and payments & avoids over-booking.

A solution compliant with any infrastructrure

OTRA's booking platforms are already connected to major infrastructure suppliers in Europe such as Nedap/Moov, Scheidt & Bachmann/Evopark, Geapark, Zkteco, Vanderbilt, Triton Skidata and Bebarmatic through partnerships. For other parking management systems, OTRA has a user-friendly API that can connect to any in-house or specific system you use.

A real-time and automated plug & play parking access control system for new parkings & depots

You don’t have a parking access control system? OTRA has an easy-to-install plug & play access control that you can order. Once connected to your gates, you can start accepting bookings and managing entry and exit of vehicles. Even if you have unplanned drivers of your own trucks, our system has got you covered.

A parking management platform to optimise your business

OTRA provides a complete solution to generate bookings, view all parking movements and manage access to help you streamline your parking business and improve its efficiency. You can easily manage your available parking spaces and prices, keep track of all the bookings made, manage and control unexpected arrivals based on real-time data. By staying of all movements in real-time, you can make informed decisions to plan ahead staffing and handle unexpected demand as it arises.

Parking advisors to maximise your occupancy rate and boost your profitability

OTRA has extensive experience managing its own parking facilities and is also connected to over 120 parking lots throughout Europe. As a member of TAPA, OTRA's parking advisors work closely with truck parking owners to help them achieve their business goals, improve occupancy rates, and maintain high levels of security as outlined by the ESPORG guidelines.

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24.000+ registered carrier plates

  • A growing community of European carriers directly connected to your parking
  • With a real-time view on your parking amenities, services, availabilities
  • With automated and controlled access and presence on your parking
  • Guaranteed payments of presence based on exact duration of stay
  • Reducing parking operation costs and optimising driver flow

Pre-connected to Europe’s leading parking infrastructure providers in Europe

OTRA is already connected to Europe's leading parking infrastructure providers, allowing a rapid connection to your parking infrastructure, without any investments to foresee on your side. You work with other solution providers? We have a robust & low maintenance API that can connect to any other in-house or specific infrastructure your parking uses. And if you are looking into new solutions, OTRA provides a real-time and automated plug & play parking access control system ready to connect to your booms.

A solution directly integrated with your parking's access control systems

  • To manage truck parking spot rentals and accesses
  • To connect to carrier and driver booking platforms
  • To view and control arrivals, departures, and customers in real-time
  • To reduce parking operation costs while improving driver flow.
  • With paperless and automated payment processing of bookings.

Maximising your occupancy rate & boosting your profitability


Registered trucks
using the platform


Carriers registered

A booking platform connected to pan-european drivers and carriers hauling cargo across Europe daily

With an unique field experience building & operating parkings in Romania & Hungary

  • We have been facing all the challenges and problems you are facing and have developed solutions & practical experience to grow paid truck parking businesses.
  • Growing awareness and selling our parkings to carriers and drivers
  • Managing bookings and accesses with maximal efficiency
  • Growing our drivers’ satisfaction
  • Increasing occupancy and revenue per parking space
  • Proposing additional services on parkings

A partnership adapted to your needs

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Bookings management

An all-in-one booking and access control solution connected to your parking gates
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  • Bookings generation
  • Bookings payment management
  • Bookings automated access control
    Bookings arrivals/departures reporting
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Partner network

You own a network of parkings and would like to open up and partner with OTRA
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  • A custom integration with your systems
  • Robust & low maintenance API to connect your parking network
  • Dynamic parking updates, bookings and pricing information
  • Strategic win-win partnership to grow your business

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